Dismal Fields Of Nihilism

by Black Winter

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Recorded and mastered at Nemesis Studio, Kavala, Greece
During 18-19 November 2003
Enginered and mixed by Tasos karapapazoglou
Produced by Black Winter © 2003

Black Winterhordes: Astrous - vox, Gasgorth - guitars, Atheist - guitars, V. Imperator - bass, Demonith - drums.


released November 18, 2003



all rights reserved


Black Winter Larissa, Greece

Black Winter from Greece (Larissa) was formed back in 2000 and throughout all those years they delivered Infernal Black Metal in their own personal way.

2016 lineup:
Talos - Vocals/Bass
Demonith - Drums
Noch - Guitars
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Track Name: Orchestral Indolence
''This forest, seemingly vacant and dead
Shapeless and black as the night
All those eyes behind infinite mirrors
That observe me silently and peacefully''
Track Name: My Dreams And Nightmares Come True
In the desert lands I defend my reign
Reflection in the vast heavens of death
Through crystal elongation of pain

I will embrace thy darkness of doom
When the twilight regions will whisper my name
Between velvet words and thorny thoughts
The astral emotions control the afflictions

Moments of nihilism with endurance
A lake of oblivion above the stars
Illuminated with subhuman instincts
I'm watching the orchestral indolence

As harp I touched the frosty solitude
And I rode through the dismal skies
The sirens of despair in the center of cross
Will enthrone the sound of nighthordes

The purest form can give value and sense
To the Majestic Master of Insanity
An ancient circle with negative ideas
The light of philosophy in my veins

From the primeval mass we are waiting the call
Our weapon is the faith in our fatherland
Filling us with the supreme strength
To confront and conflict our enemies

Holding our banners with proud
We walk against the subhumans
To bring our will in the sovereignty

The voices of our fathers from the past
Are giving us the power to devastate
All the infected worms of Christ

The fog in the forest is the delegate of our Gods
The nightfall around the subdued sky
United us under a sacred name
The name of Gods, Hellens!

In our hands the sword of justice
It will exterminate the hypocrites
And our lands it will be free again...
Track Name: Somewhere In The Land Of Cold
One vision is born upon the mountains of chaos
As I walk through the old woods
I'm hearing the call of the winter

It's a calling form the depth
Of the snowy steppes
It's ordering me to open the seven gates of darkness

The darkness of the shadowed moonlight
A thousand stars are covering the sphere of the dreadful nights
White frozen tears are falling from the blacken sky
Of my purest ethereal thoughts

Impaling the dreams in the snow
I'm riding the sounds of the clouds
And I'm watching the eternal incest
Of the aurora!

Frost lacerates the sky
Black winter cold arrives
As I walk upon the oblivion

Frost lacerates the sky
Black winter cold arrives
This strange beauty is obeying me...

Obey me... in the lands of cold!

Illuminated by the frozen moon
The blackness is in my soul
Blizzard in the midnight sky
The winter is in my heart
Track Name: Tormenting In Hades
Dark kingdom, reign of death
Loud of the mighty Hades
Moral Christians, subhuman Jews
Fall in the eternal torment

Your souls burn in flames
Of the immortal fire
Screaming in anguish, helpless
No one can save you now

Pain, agony, sadness, cry
Your "partners" for now on bloody terror
Fright darkness
Rules this terrible place

Macabre shadows, unholy evil
Infernal Scotos, flaming abyss
Suffocates your miserable souls
For all yours blasphemous sins

Punishment in burning Hell
Destruction of mortals and death
Demons, ghouls, creature from Tartarus
raping yours fucking shadow

Suffer forever in rotten shit
Immortal soul, immortal torment
Medousa eye's shows no mercy
Horror of Kerveros, there's no escape